Mrs Aishatu Muhammad, Nutritional Focal Person for Primary Health Care Management Board in Kano State, on Tuesday called for more advocacy to sensitise Nigerian women on the benefits of breast-feeding.

Muhammad told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that there were wrong beliefs that discouraged women from breast-feeding their children in some communities in the country.

She said that such notions were to the disadvantage of children's development and growth.

"Nutritional value of breast milk is important because whatever we are doing traditionally, we have beliefs and those beliefs are what we try to portray and uphold.

"But modern day scientific findings and resolves are showing us different innovations, and then we need to make our women know this.

"Every woman needs to know that breast-feeding is beneficial to her child, who gets all the nutrients required for growth and development,'' she said.

According to her, if women knew the benefits of breast-milk to the growth of their children, they will embrace it with all seriousness.

Muhammad also said breast-feeding was an act that required the woman to get it right for proper stimulation of the breast-milk.

"Women need to know how to breast-feed right; it is not enough to say you do exclusive breast-feeding. We need to tell them to get the right position for doing it.

The nutritionist, however, said that breast-feeding should be done on demand.

Muhammad also said that there was need for provision of food while the woman breast-feeds because she would definitely expend energy.