Maintaining a healthy sleeping position is a must for optimum performance. For instance sleeping in slouchy mattress can alter quality sleep as well as produce pain on the shoulders and arms, the neck and back as well as cause insomnia and fatigue making for poor sleep quality.

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To sleep properly at night (and at any time of the day), these pointers come handy and extremely important:

1. Always sleep in a way where the curve of the lower back is maintained and not strained on improperly alligned. If it helps, lie on your side with knees slightly bent or on the back with pillow propped under the knees.

2. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as this puts a strain on the back and comes very uncomfortable for the neck as the spine will not be properly aligned in that position!

3. Avoid sleeping in saggy or slouchy bed at all cost, this strains the back and neck resulting in fatigue, back pain and serious neck pains which can eventually affect one's posture.

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4. Avoid sleeping in a foetal position -where you sleep on your side with knees almost touching the chest area. This is best avoided except recommended by a physiotherapist usually for a back problem.

5. However way you lie in bed, prop pillow under your head choosing one (pillow) that allows the head take its normal position but whatever you do, the pillows should not be on the shoulders.

6. Physiotherapist recommends sleeping on the back in a way that maintains the cervical spine's normal alignment.

Also recommended is sleeping on the side with the spine straight for proper alignment.