Prof. Kunle George, a Consultant Dermatologist at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, has said that hair bump is a common disease in African males.

George told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Ibadan that the disease was common in males 40 years and below and rarely affects women.

"Bumps are caused by many factors, among which are; close-shaving or clipping of the hair and mechanical friction from collars or/and helmets. It can also be caused by the prolonged use of certain medications like anti-epileptic drugs,” he said.

George explained that treatment of bumps could be by electro-surgical excision, followed by the topical application of a hemostatic agent and secondary intention healing. "Conservative treatments for bumps have included refraining from shaving or close trimming of hair in the affected area. Avoidance of mechanical occlusion from helmets or repetitive rubbing from shirt collars, use of topical creams and antibiotics also appear to be of immense benefit,” he added.

The dermatologist added that patients should seek expert attention as early as possible when they notice small rashes at the back of the neck. "The bump does not kill, but can be itchy, may cause pain when infected by bacteria. The patient should avoid scar keloids by refraining from scraping the bump. Scar keloids are malfunctioning of the healing process. Patients should be alert, informed and seek medical help early,” he advised.