Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has narrated how one of the soldiers attached to him recently lost his gun, which was later recovered by the Nigerian Army.

While explaining the circumstances surrounding the loss of the gun, the governor said contrary to some reports in the media, he didn’t threaten to kill anyone.

According to Punch, the gun had got missing some days ago when his convoy attempted to pass through the Onicha Local Government Area of the state.

It was gathered that the governor’s convoy ran into a road block in the area and in the course of inquiring about the cause of the road block, one of the soldiers in the convoy lost his gun.

In a bid to recover the missing gun, men of the Nigerian Army were reportedly stationed in the area immediately. 

For Illustrative Purpose: Men of the Nigerian Army (placng)
For Illustrative Purpose: Men of the Nigerian Army (placng)

Explaining how the gun got missing, Umahi said “It’s very good that they have found the gun. And I said that they didn’t block my convoy in Onicha.

“The soldiers even came out pleading with them to unblock the road and they refused.

“They were doing wake keep and drank themselves to a stupor that they didn’t recognise the Army.

“So, it was in the process that the soldiers moved and their gun fell down from the vehicle and they didn’t know.

“Nobody fought with the Army.

“Why I came hard on them was that if you were drunk and you didn’t recognise the soldiers, what if it were ordinary persons, what would have happened to them?”

The Governor went on to clear the air on the claim that he threatened to kill anyone, who blocked his convoy.

Umahi said, “The trending report quoting me as having threatened to order the killing of anyone who blocked my convoy was a huge misrepresentation and was blown out of proportion by the media.

“How can somebody quote me that I said, ‘Block my convoy and get shot?’ It is this nonsense that set up war.?”

The Governor, therefore warned journalists in the state to approach their job with professionalism, saying anyone who wants to write rubbish should leave the state.