According to statement signed by Ndukwe, he said: "We have also been told that in security circles, that means to have him killed through the use of some poisonous substances that would break his health down irreversibly and eventually kill him even months after he might have been released so that the suspicion would not be at the doorsteps of state agents."

Speaking further, Ndukwe said, "Words have filtered to us from credible sources within the presidency and the security agencies that the ultimate aim of those who are behind the former minister’s travails is to apply “extreme measures” on him."

Ndukwe called Nigerians to save the ex-Minister from the alleged plot to terminate his life over allegations which he is yet to be proven guilty for.

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"We call on the good people of Nigeria, democrats and lovers of this great nation to rise and demand that no Nigerian should be persecuted or assassinated based on his beliefs and or opinions on critical national matters.We are watching very closely, and should anything untoward happen to FFK, Nigerians of course know who to hold responsible even as we demand for his immediate and unconditional release now," he said.

On Friday, October 21, 2016, Fani-Kayode was re-arrested by the men of EFCCthe case was adjourned till November 14, 2016 and November 15, 2016 for continuation of trial.