Kaduna State Governor, Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, has taken former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, to the cleaners.


Atiku had alleged that El-Rufai and former EFCC Chairman, Nuhu Ribadu, betrayed him during the Olusegun Obasanjo era.

El-Rufai’s response was a fire-bomb.

If you missed it, here are 7 of the best insults from Kaduna government house to Atiku.

Warning: Killer shots were fired!

1. Atiku is a liar

“This statement is issued in response to the latest falsehoods to emerge from Alhaji Atiku Abubukar.   He has a record of spewing outright lies and innuendo against my person”.


But there was more: “Not even from a man as practiced as Alhaji Atiku is in the dark arts of damaging other people through a campaign of lies from him and his media machine…

2. Atiku is rewriting history because he wants to be President

“Atiku Abubakar attempts to re-write history as he plans for 2019”, El-Rufai said.

“Therefore, I am constrained to provide a response to the fake news and irresponsible revision of recent history by Alhaji Atiku”.

3. Atiku and corruption are one and same

According to El-Rufai: “Atiku is haunted by his corruption demons…”

El-Rufai dug into the archives to reveal Atiku’s allegedly corrupt past.

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“When I published n 2013, Alhaji Atiku unleashed his media team in a campaign of vilification. Despite the viciousness of the attacks, they did not contest or explain away his shenanigans that were detailed in the book, from the Ericsson manoeuvre, to the Abuja water treatment plant contract and his obsession with marabouts and their assurances of the political big prize.

“He might also consider a full reckoning for what he and his acolytes did with public funds in the PTDF imbroglio, rather than indulging the usual bold face of the Nigerian big-man. As a federal public servant, my oath of allegiance appropriately stood with the Federal Republic of Nigeria, not the big men whose conduct I was privileged to witness at close quarters”.

Sucker punch?

Not so fast....

4. Atiku is closest to a cunning snake

“People like Alhaji Atiku think that loyalty to them should be the goal of a public officer, and that it should trump the oath of allegiance to the country. Alhaji Atiku is already running for 2019, and he thinks that he can make people like us collateral damage in his attempt to rejuvenate his image”.

But let’s move on….

5. Atiku wants a rehabilitation, El-Rufai says

“Everyone knows that I support and will continue to work for the success of as he leads our country through tough times. Like everyone else, Alhaji Atiku is entitled to rehabilitation. But that often requires coming clean with the people”.


6. El-Rufai dares Atiku to travel to the U.S

Atiku has denied that he was indicted for corruption by law enforcement in the United States, but El-Rufai doesn’t believe him.

“Can Alhaji Atiku explain the findings in the report of the United Stateswhich detailed a pattern of wire transfers of more than USD 40m from offshore companies like Siemens into bank accounts controlled by him and one of his wives?

“The report detailing the US Senate findings is online, as one of four case histories of foreign corruption in the USA.

“Alhaji Atiku should tell a better tale of why he is avoiding the United States of America”.

7. Obsession with Presidency is Atiku’s biggest problem

“Someone as obsessed with Nigeria’s presidency as he is, should clear up such matters conclusively. We wait to see how well he does with that”.

Now, that’s the very definition of a take-down.

And we can’t wait for Atiku’s response.