A new case of Ebola has been recorded in Italy after a nurse who just returned from Sierra Leone tested positive for the disease.

In a statement, the Italian Health Ministry said that the man, who worked in Sierra Leone as a volunteer for the Emergency Medical Charity, flew back to Italy on May 8th and felt the first symptom of the disease 2 days later.

The Italian health ministry also said he will be transferred to Rome's main hospital for infectious diseases.

This will be the 2nd case of Ebola in Italy as an emergency staff who served in Sierra Leone, Dr. Fabrizio Pulvirenti from Sicily was hospitalised at the Spallanzani Hospital in November and declared Ebola-free after 39 days.

Over 11,000 people have died from Ebola in Sierra Leone and neighboring countries Guinea and Liberia since an outbreak began in December 2013.

Meanwhile on a positive turn, Liberia was last week declared Ebola-free after passing the 42-day mark without a report of a new case.