Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr.

Idris said this at the end of the Partnership for Transforming the Health System Phase II, PATHS2 project in Lagos state.

In a report by Vanguard Newspaper, Idris assured that last week’s outbreak of the disease has been successfully curtailed saying no new case or death had been recorded.

Idris also revealed that those earlier admitted to hospitals for treatment, have been discharged, while the remaining four patients were responding to treatment.

In his words, “There have been no new case or death. We have four cases left in the hospital and there is a lot of progress. What we are doing now is to check the source, especially the consumption of African Salad called Abacha. We are on it to ensure that we do not have any more infected source.”

He further said: “It is time to start looking at public healthcare in the realm of security. Unfortunately, people are talking about bio-security, bio-safety across the world, but in this country we are totally unaware what is happening.”

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“Some people can come into this country and manipulate cholera organism or typhoid organism to cause confusion by way of spreading it across our water system. It is time we start looking at public health and security as one entity.

“We do not respect information and data.  Meanwhile, there is no organisation that can thrive properly without it. So we need to change our attitude towards that. Information technology is essential at all level.”

On Thursday, September 22, 2016, six deaths were recorded from cholera outbreak out of 45 cases in some communities in Isolo area of Lagos.