President Muhammadu Buhari has said that people complaining about his war on corruption would not be so bothered if they weren’t involved in the act.

Buhari has also said that he wants to be remembered for fighting corruption to a standstill.

“I cannot tell you by heart how much we have recovered. For those who are saying I am being selective, if they were not involved in corruption, they wouldn't mind. They will even encourage us to get whoever has compromised his position in the trust giving to him,” Buhari said.

“So I see it in the papers, I watch it on the screen, but I have never lost a sleep on it because those that are not corrupt should only encourage us to even do more.

For those that are interested in the safety of those that have abuse trust in the country will go to any length including bribing people to give false information. I am not being selective.

Whoever is caught, the documents that incriminates him or her will be taken to the courts to prosecute him for Nigerians to know who abused trust.

I want to be remembered that Nigerians found out that I was genuine, I was a real patriot. Not only that I fought the civil war, I also fought corruption to a standstill,” Buhari added.

The president is expected back in Nigeria today.


Watch video of Buhari speaking on corruption below: