The partnership focuses on a dual vocational training for livestock technicians. The aim is to improve the efficiency of local agricultural value chains and create a skilled workforce within the Nigerian agricultural industry.

The training is called Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET). It will be carried out in close cooperation with companies in the field of livestock and crop business in Nigeria within Lagos and Ibadan. 

Thomas Ogundiran, MD/CEO Big Dutchman, explained that the partnership will create future pacesetting technicians within the industry. He said, “The Nigerian agriculture industry currently has a shortage of skilled technicians. For us to truly leverage the financial and technological interventions that are expected to guide Nigeria towards agricultural self-sufficiency, we need innovative technicians who are pace setters in the agricultural industry.”

Ms. Linda Itabor, HR Manager, Big Dutchman Nigeria, encouraged other stakeholders to place priority on youth empowerment in Nigeria. She said, “Big Dutchman will provide training on poultry equipment for all trainees and improve the technical skills of all cooperating companies.”

She went further to state that the training will run for over a year and will equip the participants with the relevant skills needed to ensure optimization of their job roles.

The training will consist of 11 classroom modules. These modules will cover the entire value chain of poultry production, as well as, further instructions in economics, record keeping and people business. After one week class room training, the trainees will go back to their workplace and will be exposed to other fields within their companies.  

About Big Dutchman Agriculture Nigeria Limited

BD Agriculture Nigeria Limited is a subsidiary of Dutchman International GmbH, a leading pig and poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier in the world. 

Since 1938, Dutchman International has planned and realized feeding systems and housing equipment for modern pig and poultry production. 

BD Agriculture Nigeria Limited offer practical, economical and environment-friendly solutions all geared to future needs.

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