The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) is completely at sea over the kidnap of a former senator and chieftain of the APC, Ayo Arise.

Arise hails from Ekiti State in Nigeria’s South West region.

He was reportedly abducted on Sunday evening as he journeyed to Abuja from Ekiti after a slew of political meetings.

Details surrounding his kidnap are still sketchy at the time of filing this.

Pulse has sought information concerning Arise’s kidnap from police spokesperson Jimoh Moshood without a response.

Text messages and calls placed to Moshood’s mobile have returned unanswered.

Area confusion

Premium Times reports that “police commands in the four states of Edo, Ekiti, Ondo and Kogi which share a common border along the area the politician was said to have been kidnapped, are yet to account for any kidnap incident involving Mr. Arise”.

Ekiti State Police Public Relations Officer, Alberto Adeyemi, told the online newspaper that he is in the worst possible position to offer answers on the kidnap of Arise because the crime didn’t happen within his jurisdiction.

“I cannot say. I am not allowed to comment on incidents that did not happen within my jurisdiction”, Adeyemi said.

Police spokespersons of Ondo and Kogi States spoke in similar vein, according to Premium Times.

“We do not have any report on the kidnapping of Senator Ayo Arise, I am not sure we have any such report,” Edo State Commissioner of Police, Babatunde Kokumo, said.

“Maybe it happened in Ondo or Kogi State, but there is no report of any kidnapping of the senator in Edo.”


There are reports that the abductors are demanding N80M in ransom from Arise’s family.