Mr Yerima Ramalan, FRSC Commander, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) while appraising the causes and likely solutions to the menace, in Lagos on Wednesday.

Ramalan said that the commission would soon come-up with an Apapa Area template as solution to the traffic crisis.

He said that the accessibility of our port roads should be the priority of all stakeholders, as that holds the key to the nations economy, regretting that the crisis had lingered for too long.

Our men are daily managing the situation with contemporary indices, the agency will in no distant time proffer a scientific approach to the problem.

We are aware of the antics of the drivers, who are bent on driving against traffic to join queues close to the loading points.

He cautioned the drivers against using the roads as parking bays in anticipation of loading their trucks, saying if they were well parked, they would still load products, while the road would be free.

He also asked the shipping companies to provide holding bays that would be commensurate to the number of containers they bring in, so that the empty containers could be kept there.