Transportation Minister,

Amaechi made the statement on Saturday, November 12, 2016 while addressing APC supporters and candidates at a rally in Bera, Gokana Local Government area, Rivers State.

He said: “If Wike likes, let him come out. At all times he had come out I used to ask does this man remember that he is a governor?

“It is only a thug that can stand in front of a Judge’s gate to be struggling with security men, only a thug.

“A governor will go back to his house and call the President. When SSS invaded the presidential lounge of Akwa Ibom state government, what the governor did was to call the President.

“Instead of Wike to call the President, he was struggling with security men.

“In all the fight I had with the federal government under former President Jonathan, nobody saw me physically battling with anybody,” he said.

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Ex-Governor Amaechi and Gov Wike had been at each other's back since their one-time good relationship turned sour in 2014.