E no easy o! Some things are pure horror to Nigerians. In other words - na only we get dis trouble. Another person will not understand our pains and if we’re being serious, they are shameful things that should not be a problem:

Sadly, here they are:

1. The Nasty Legend of SARS: The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) have left bodies and horrors across Nigeria. Ask every young, red-blooded Nigerian man (women too) and the thought of ever being stopped by the dreaded SARS sends chills through their bones.

The squad was initially created for a good purpose - reduce the increase in armed robberies. Now, they have become a huge problem and with all the reshuffling and ‘changing of identity’, the #EndSARS still no wan end.

2. The Economy: Laughably, and seriously, at the same time, our economy has become the go-to for all our problems. Instead of blaming the evils on the Devil, we just put all the blame on the economy. Because we have seen ‘trouble’ with the hike in prices and the less than sufficient income, the combination has been wrecking a havoc!

Nigerians now put all the blames on the economy (BHM)
Nigerians now put all the blames on the economy (BHM)

Now, money is worth more than treasures and if we can find ways to save money, time, data, or anything at all - we will sit up. We cannot be getting paid in peanuts and the small, small data or money we are using to forget our pain, will now be giving us a headache!

For instance, if you want to reduce the data you use on Instagram tap on the profile icon in the bottom right of the screen. Tap in the 3 stripe icon tap the settings icon to scroll down and select ‘account’. Head on and select ‘cellular data’. Slide the button to the right and you have found a way to save data.

3. Panty Thieves: Lawd have mercy! That’s what Nigerians have been screaming for a while. About a year ago, we began hearing of tales of female underwear being used for ritual purposes. What?! Many people didn't want to believe. Now, there is almost no week without stories of dubious Nigerians being caught with underwear stuffed in unwritable places. What is wrong with us na?!

Pant thieves: There have been stories of rituaists using female undies for rituals. (BHM)
Pant thieves: There have been stories of rituaists using female undies for rituals. (BHM)

There are still a lot to worry about - is it ’NEPA’ during the Champions League final or fuel price hike? But you see, the world does not understand that we are garri, we will just soak, swell and show you pepper! Even with the nightmares and stress… Lol!

This is a feature post.