The Senate Committee on Gas Resources on Wednesday directed the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries to present to it a comprehensive detail of their audited accounts for the past three years.

The same is requested of agencies such as the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, Nigerian Petroleum Investment and Management Service and the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas.

Senator Albert Akpan, the Chairman of the committee asked the NNPC and its subsidiaries to submit the audited accounts within the next one week.

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The Nigeria Senate have shown active participation in the affairs of government agencies in its bid to perform its duties.

Concerning the issue of gas flaring happening in the country, the committee noted that their inability of the agencies to enforce the payment of stipulated penalties by errant International Oil Companies was responsible for the increased gas flaring activities in the oil producing communities in the country.

Akpan appealed to the agencies to deliver their audited accounts within the next one week enable the committee meet the deadline given to it by the Senate.