The 6th Kalahari Awards which recognizes best innovations and achievements in the Remittance and MobileMoney industry has finally announced the winners for the 2016 edition, taking place at the 6th Remittance and Mobile Money Expo at the Lagos Oriental hotel, Nigeria on February 2nd and 3rd, 2016.

The Kahalari awards are dedicated to acknowledging creativity, commitment and excellence in the digital payments and remittance industry across Africa and awarded to organizations that have made significant contribution to the remittance and mobile financial services sector by making services more affordable, available and impacting developments in Africa.

The awards honor best of the breed across all sectors and segments of digital payments and remittance services covering remittance providers, mobile network operators, financial institutions, mobile money providers, card services, financial institutions, application providers, regulators, micro finance organizations and individuals in the ecosystem in Africa and beyond. Some of the winners include; PAGA + UBER, TAGATTITUDE and TRANSFAST taking glory as they sweep 3 categories.

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“After a rigorous selection process in the last three months, we thank the hardworking judges and congratulate all the winners of the 2016 Kalahari awards,” said Emmanuel Okoegwale, Principal Associate, MobileMoneyAfrica. “The quality of the responses from the remittance industry is a reflection of the dynamic innovations that will drive the remittance industry in Africa to great heights in 2016 and beyond. “

The winners of the Kahalari awards 2016 are (17):

Pro-poor financial innovation - GRAMEEN FOUNDATION, UGANDA

Best low cost remittance service – AZIMO

Best micro finance enabler platform - REDCLOUD TECHNOLOGIES

Best mobile utilities payment provider -FETS

Best Remittance enabler platform – MFS AFRICA

Best mobilemoney innovation - MAHINDRACOMVIVA

Remittance personality of the year – JAY VIX, TRANSFAST

Financial inclusion product of the year, global - TRANSFERTO - MOBILEMONEYHUB

Best remittance agency network - XPRESSMONEY

Best mobile-centric remittance service – HELLOMONEY

Best remittance service – TRANSFAST

Best Bank-centric remittance service - FIDELITY BANK GHANA

BEST MobileMoney / Card combination, Nigeria – KEGOW VISA VIRTUAL CARD

Best e-commerce payment solution – TRANSPAY

Best technology enabler platform – TAGATTITUDE

Financial inclusion product of the Year, Nigeria – GTBANK & ETISALAT FOR GTSAVERS.

Best payment partnership 2016 (Special recognition) – PAGA + UBER