Apple has been forced to withdraw its latest software update, following a rather lacklustre reception to its latest handsets, and reports that the larger iPhone 6 Plus bends when kept in a back pocket.

Users began reporting overnight that the upgrade to iOS 8.0.1 robbed them of signal, data service and the Touch ID capability.

This is the second major issue to arise with Apple's newest iPhone since it was launched on Friday - making it the most troubled new product release since the iPhone 4 and 'antennagate.'

However, the company acted quickly to pull iOS 8.0.1 from the Apple store when users began reporting the problems within minutes of its release.

The glitch appears to affect only the newest iPhones - not iPhone 5C or 5S, or older models. reported that Apple users on networks across the US, Britain and Canada were reporting problems via Twitter and official support forums after updating their operating systems.

Apple announced it was investigating the glitch, but in the meantime recommended that owners of affected iPhones restore their devices by connecting to iTunes.

In an official statement, the tech giant said: "We apologise for the great inconvenience experienced by users, and are working around the clock to prepare iOS 8.0.2 with a fix for the issue."

Angry users took to Twitter to report the bug and vent their frustrations.

This weekend, some iPhone 6 Plus users reported that their devices bent after just a few hours in their pockets. Apple has declined to comment on this particular issue.

It is believed the thinner model, in addition to the use of aluminium metal in its design, causes the phone to deform.

A video, uploaded to YouTube by user, Lewis Hilsenteger on his channel Unbox Therapy, shows the 5.5-inch model bending using just his fingers.

It has already achieved more than 18.5 million views.