Mobile phone users are constantly checking their phones to see if their e-mail  has been replied or who commented on their Instagram picture, First there came the 'Samsung Gear' watch now there is Smarty Ring; the solution to this constant checking. Why dig into your pockets for your phone when you can just look at your finger? Smarty Ring, a device engineered by Indiegogo is a bluetooth-enabled and waterproof wearable gadget that allows users to check smartphone alerts and manage incoming calls right from their finger .

The stainless-steel ring has a 24-hour battery life and is  Android and iOS compatible. Smarty ring comes in various sizes to fit the user and comes with a wireless charger. It costs about $175 (about 27800 Naira)

What Smarty ring does :

1. It allows the wearer/user manage all of their incoming smartphone alerts.

2. It functions as a watch and timer.

3. It functions as a phone finder. If the wearer/user  walks more than 30 feet from his phone, the ring will beep to alert him that he's left something behind.

4. The ring lets wearer/user see if they're receiving an incoming call,and check your phone's battery status.

5. Smarty ring also allows the wearer/user trigger camera and control music.

The era of wearable technology is only just starting!