Cassie made this known in Lagos on Friday, and added that the new bundle had an extended validity period of 30 days.

Prior to this, the Internet Service Provider offered data bundle plans in 1GB, 3GB and 10GB, but only recently included the 5GB data plan as an additional plan to meet the needs of customers that fall within the category of "between low and heavy" internet users.

The recently introduced 5GB data bundle plan comes with competitive pricing for customers and a good value for money.

Cassie also disclosed that all 20GB, 50GB, and 200GB bundles offered by the company had extended validity period of 12 months, while noting that the extension of the validity period for users of the high-end data plan, would automatically make them the first beneficiaries of the service in Nigeria.

She further explained that the service was unprecedented and came with several benefits.

"The benefits include the fact that a customer does not have to continuously recharge the account every 30 days. Furthermore, Smile has ensured reliable beneficial service to frequent travelers as customers in this category do not have to miss bundles purchased.

"Above all, customers will benefit from the out of bundle rate that applies to their respective bundle for the 12 months period. This, no doubt, will encourage customers to buy larger bundles so as to get the most beneficial rate per Gigabyte," she said.

She assured Nigerians of Smile's commitment to always providing solutions that would give lasting experience to customers, explaining that the commitment is reflected in the way the company does its business.

"Smile will continue to help in accelerating sustainable socio-economic development in Nigeria by funding physical, social and economic infrastructure. It is a major force in improving the penetration of high-speed Internet access and broadband services to Small and Medium Enterprises, households, individuals, institutions, schools and hotspots," Cassie added.