Popular Android OEM, Infinix posted a tweet on Twitter two days ago and it seems to be a teaser for its upcoming device- most likely the Hot 3.

Infinix is expected to release the device sometime later this year and have given it a tagline - "selfie with soft flash makes life colorful".

There is no information on the specs of the device or pricing or any other information for that matter. But it seems like the soft flash and higher resolution front camera will be major features of the device.

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TechCabal reports that the upcoming Hot 3 isn't an Android One device, like its predecessor, the Hot 2 X510, which was the first Android One device to be launched in Africa.

The Hot2 X510 was part of the second generation of Android One devices. The first generation rolled out in Indioa, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Indonesia, as well as other South Asian countries back in 2014.