The Managing Director, Kaduna Federation of Milk Producers Cooperative Association (MILCOPAL), Dr Ishaq Bello, at a ceremony said the bulls are meant for breeding with the local cattle in order to produce an enhanced breed of cattle that would increase the production of milk by at least 25 percent.

Delivering his address before the presentation, Bello called for the need to enhance the methods of production in the industry to meet with modern demands saying “Our producers must also realize the need to adapt to modern methods of production as this is the only means to sustainable production and improved livestock”.

Bello reiterated the need for adapting to modern techniques of milk production necessitated by the current challenges being faced by the industry saying, “the instances of insufficient grazing land, high cost of concentrate feeds, animal diseases and cattle rustling among others are a constant reminder of the ills of the present traditional system of pastoral production”. He added that the need for shift to having a smaller, highly productive, well managed herd with more output can never be over-emphasized as it is a more profitable and sustainable option.

Also present at the occasion was the representative of Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Mrs Wintolo C. Wintolo who lauded the efforts of the cooperative in enhancing the production of milk in the country.

She said the ministry is aware of the problems of the industry and promised that they will be overcome. She called on them to improve their marketing scope in order to enhance profit making while she stressed the need to continue to be active in cooperative activities in order to achieve good results in the sector.

MILCOPAL is the apex organization of Village Milk Producer Cooperative Associations in Kaduna state established on the recommendations of the World Bank during the Second Livestock Development Program with the objective to increase milk off take from the traditional herd and also empower the dairy milk producers economically.