At the huge Google For Nigeria event which held last week on July 27, 2017 at the Landmark Event Center, Lagos, Google announced a new YouTube app, which it is currently testing in the country, called YouTube Go.

Johanna Wright (VP, Product Management, YouTube) made the announcement on stage at the event. She said the development is based on the challenges that stop users from interacting as much as they would like with YouTube content.

Citing issues like the high cost of broadband internet, slow internet speeds and native storage, Wright said Google decided to build YouTube Go to give Nigerians a new way to experience YouTube without all the hassle.

Nigeria is the second country in the world which this product is being tested, after India. Google started testing the app in Nigeria in June.

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YouTube Go has a simple, easy-to-use user interface (UI) and offers a lightweight preview before you watch a video.

The app will also display info about the video you’re about to watch and all video on the app are compressed. You will be able to choose between basic quality (which is smaller in size) and standard quailty (which is larger in size compared to the basic quality version but not as large as normal YouTube videos).

Another interesting feature of YouTube Go is a social feature called “Send Nearby” that lets you wirelessly transfer encrypted video to a nearby user. At a Q&A session with journalists, Wright said Google was still testing various wireless transfer protocols.

Google says YouTube Go will be available in Beta version sometime before the end of this year so watch this space for details on that when it becomes available.