Gingerbox, which was formally known as, is a new startup that delivers healthy foods which includes fruits, vegetables (like tomato, pepper, etc) as well as chicken, to consumers at their offices or homes.

According to the company's CEO, Kunle Jinadu, Gingerbox was created to help people deal with the challenge of buying affordable healthy food items.

During his brief visit to office in Lagos, Jinadu explained why he opted for this line of business. "Many people are quite conscious of what they eat these days; they want something healthy but may not have the time to shop for these things daily. Gingerbox bridges that gap and deliver those healthy foods to them at an affordable cost, " he said.

"Gingerbox is all about healthy foods. You can’t find Coke or other soft drinks or sweet treats on our website. Everything is strictly healthy. We also deliver vegetables and other food items to our clients," Jinadu added.

The budding company with a growing client base was set up in 2013. Gingerbox is also one of the tech startups to benefit from 440NG funding and mentorship program.

Jinadu said: "I applied for the 440NG program in May, 2014, and went through the interview process after which Gingerbox was selected among the successful startups. We received our first funding in October, 2014."

Gingerbox currently has staff strength of eight people. Their office is located in Yaba, Lagos, but most of their clients at the moment are spread across the Island.

Presently, Gingerbox caters to corporate organizations, but hope to begin home delivery to individuals before the end of this year.