Traveling in Nigeria can be really stressful, especially during the festive periods. This is why we are recommending a few tips to help you travel in the most stress-free way possible.1. Plan ahead by packing early: The easiest way to ruin your trip is to wait too long to start packing, organizing, and planning for your trip. Rather than waiting until the last minute, start packing a day or two before your actual travel date, with that you don't forget anything and you're already set for your journey2. Make sure devices are fully-charged: While travelling you will have a lot of time to pass, so whether you plan on listening to music, chatting and catching up with friends as you travel  or you need to make calls, always ensure you have enough battery on your devices for when you arrive. Charge them the night before and take a portable charger with you or get a power bank.

3. Book a bus ticket from the comfort of your home: Why go through all the hassles of bus park to get a travel ticket when you can easily book your bus ticket with the GIGM App? The App is bundle of solutions that offers one-way or round trips, with pick up services being optional. On the platform, you can also reschedule a bus ticket and have a travel date reminder that helps improve travel experiences. This is the absolute definition of stress-free.4. Carry a book: Since not everyone owns a laptop or carries one while travelling, you may want to carry a book with you. Nothing compares to reading a good book. It will engross you and make for a great time pass as well.5. Wear comfortable clothing: Never wear tight clothes while travelling, especially when it’s long-haul. Wear light, loose and comfortable clothing and take blanket for when the bus might be too cold due to the air conditioner. With these tips we hope your long distance bus trip is stress-free and even more alluring. Merry Christmas!!

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