Nigerians spent an approximate sum of N5.6 billion on US visa applications in 2014, calculations have shown.

According to the US consular website, the application fee for the most common non-immigrant visa types is $160.

This means that the average visa applicant spent N25,600 on a visa, at the rate of N160 to the dollar in 2014.

Further multiplying that by the number of applicants provided by the US shows that the least sum spent on visas that year was N5.6 billion.

Other visa classes can cost between $190 and $265 depending on the purpose of the visit.

“Fiscal year 2014 ended Sept. 30, 2014 and Lagos and Abuja together processed about 220,000 non-immigrant visa applications,” Chief Consular Officer of the U.S. Embassy," Stacie Hankins said during a media tour in Abuja.

Hankins also said that 66 per cent of tourist visa applications are approved by the Consulate.