Decrying the nonchalant attitude of the Federal Government and its agencies towards their plight, construction companies have threatened to shut down business.

This is as a result of the debt owed them by government agencies.

The President of Federation of Construction Industry (FOCI), Mr Solomon Ogunbusola said“Only the Federal Ministry of Works is owing our members N500 billion and one company is owed over N70 billion."

He added that 'All construction companies in Nigeria are being owed huge sums of money amounting to over N500 billion. We all being owed and to further stoke our grievances the Central Bank urging commercial banks to publish the names of our members who took loans from the banks and are being owed for projects that they had long completed as chronic debtors.'

He said most construction companies have already started laying off their staff due to their inability to pay salaries.

He also complained that banks no longer want to do business with them because they are seen as chronic debtors.