Facebook has signed a licensing deal with the Universal Music Group.

This licensing deal will allow Facebook users to upload videos with songs under Universal, without facing the wrath of Facebook's copyright machine.

Facebook has in the past taken down videos where songs on the videos broke copyright laws. Now, this deal will let users of not only Facebook, but Instagram and Oculus, use the music of Universal's artists without consequence.

Universal Music is a music Universe, literally.

With heavyweight labels like Aftermath, Interscope, Def Jam, Top Dawg, and Island Records, this deal is going to create an entire arsenal of audio material for Facebook creators.

And Facebook is not stopping with Universal. They initially began talks with record labels in 2015, and are still looking at sealing deals with Warner and Sony Music Groups.

Why is Facebook doing this?

Facebook is doing everything to create an environment that will drive creators to its network.

This year, Facebook ended a deal that saw it pay news publishers millions of dollars to create videos for its platform. On Thursday, December 14, Facebook announced that they'll be testing pre-roll video ads on Facebook Watch, their original shows project.

All of these moves is Facebook's way of showing that video really is the future, and its way of arming up to take on its biggest rival.

Facebook vs. YouTube

YouTube remains the King of Video, but Facebook wants to sabotage that throne. One of YouTube's strongest leverages over Facebook is its vibrant creator community.

Will Facebook win? Only time will tell.