Mr Anthony Mallam, Chairman, Apo Mechanic Village, FCT says government can generate massive revenue and create employment with the huge volume of business at the Apo Mechanic Village.

Mallam said this while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

He added that if such attention was properly given to the sector by government and other relevant stakeholders, the mechanic village would generate revenue and create employment.

“Government should come to the aid of Apo mechanic village."

“Apo can be a because Apo has a name already."

“It can also generate employment if government provides mini workshops and technical workshops for technicians to practice their trade or to practice their skills."

“And then it will now also reduce unemployment."

“Now if government can package mechanics in Nigeria, unemployment can reduce by about 20 to 30 per cent because, virtually everybody in Nigeria uses car."

“In a household of 10, (almost) everybody wants to drive a car and they all patronise these people (mechanics)."

“About 90 to 95 per cent means of transportation in Nigeria is automobiles and the vehicles my people take care of form the larger part."

“So if they package these people, give them education, train and retrain them, things will go well."

“We were not there when they manufactured these cars, but if our (customers come to fix their cars) we will fix these cars as if we were the manufacturers.’’

Mallam called on the Federal Government to address some of the challenges faced by the mechanics and technicians.

He further called on the government to provide social amenities and construct workshops at the mechanic village to bring it up to standard.

The chairman said that mechanics and technicians needed to be trained and retrained in the field to enhance their skills and knowledge.

He also said that mechanics and technicians should be provided equipment and the right environment to hone their talent.

“Nigeria is blessed with talented citizens, the best way to develop these technicians and mechanics is to equip them with continued training programmes that will advance their knowledge in the field."

“The development will create employment for our youths, generate revenue, bring foreigners into the country for production and increase the nation`s development,’’ he said.