This week, our dream home is all the way from Santa Monica, in Los Angeles.

According to Zillowblog, it was originally built as a movie set in 1920s. Then, it became a cabin in a place called the Uplifters Ranch.

It changed hands, before finally landing with Larry Butler, a private investor, and his wife, Marla in 1999.

He says he decided to get the place because of "the history of the cabin and the history of the area." It also looked like the right place to raise a family.

In his words, “It’s the best place to live in Los Angeles, for sure. For children, there’s a park down the block. This was my wife’s and my dream forever house."

Now that the property is on sale, Larry says, “If your family is with you, that makes it a home."

He also hopes that the new owners appreciate how “unique and special it is.”

Features of the 6,195-square-foot mansion include 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, skylights, rustic chandeliers, an open-concept design, double case windows, glass bi-fold doors, a large terrace with a custom-built barbecue pit, a sun room, a plunge pool and stone pathways.

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While most things are new, there are some things that are old like wooden beams, lighting fixtures and stone fireplace.

However, there are in really good condition.

This beautiful property is currently on sale for $7.995M.