Apple has been quiet on almost everything about the Apple Watch since it launched a few months ago, because well, Apple does what it wants to do, when it wants to do it.

However, Apple exec Jeff Williams gave some information on the smartwatch today at Apple’s big event in California.

Williams said the Apple Watch makes it easier to use public transportation via transit, with the App Store scoring over 10,000 Watch apps for the Apple Watch.

In addition, Williams also announced some new features and apps that are coming to the Apple Watch starting with Facebook Messenger and GoPro. Also announced was something called AirStrip, which co-founder Dr. Cameron Powell demoed at the event.

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Alerts, patient waveforms, and lab results display on the doctor-friendly app which is also very secure when it is on your wrist. Blood pressure waveforms are also available and will update from the wrist of the user – testament to the versatility of WatchOS 2.

Meanwhile, there is also a Sense for Baby watch app that will be available for the Apple Watch that interacts with sensors on the mothers’ belly. Mind blowing right? It doesn’t end there. While conducting a test the mother can also hear the baby’s heart rate from her wrist!

Even though some of these features do have an element of creepiness about them, I still can’t wait to try them out!