Below is a list of the top 10 most valuable companies according to the latest FT Global 500 list as of December 31, 2014.

Apple Inc. remains the world’s most valuable company with an increase in its market value from $603bn to $647bn in the last quarter.

ExxonMobil still remained in second place but has shown a decrease in market value form $401bn to $391 bn in the last quarter. The company also runs a big office in Nigeria.

Microsoft has shown a steady increase in market value since the first quarter and its current market value has increased from $381bn to $382 in the last quarter

Berkshire Hathaway has shown a promising increase in market value from the last quarter and has increased its market value from $340bn to $370bn as well as moving up to 4th from 5th place in the last quarter.

With a market value drop from $361bn to $329bn, Google takes 5th place on the FT global 500 list and loses its 4th place status since the last quarter.

Chinese based  Oil and gas company, PetroCHina, has shown tremendous market value increase and now sits at the value of $305bn

Johnson & Johnson has decreased in market value since the third quarter and is now valued at $292bn

Wells Fargo, the American based banking company has also shown a promising increase since the third quarter despite losing its 7th place status on the Ft 500 list. The market value is now sitting at a comfortable $284bn

Wal-mart, an American multinational retail corporation, is currently valued at $276bn

Lastly, ICBC, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, has increased in market value and is now valued at $271bn.

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