Here are some of the most common career advice that most people get wrong:

Don’t stop networking: While you may be comfortable and satisfied in your job now, that is never an excuse to stop networking with various areas of interest in case you need to start looking elsewhere for income or job satisfaction.

Show off your accomplishments: Don’t let hard work, diligence and accomplishments go unnoticed in your company.

Know your worth: If you are worthy of getting a raise, ask for one. Don’t slink behind the bosses and avoid asking the raise question. Hard work should be rewarded duly

Know your boundaries: Establish work and personal boundaries with your manager. Don’t over share your personal issues at work and risk letting your manager make decisions about you based on your life outside the work space.

Be positive: Even if you are unhappy in your work space, don’t vent or complain about it around your bosses and colleagues. Creating a negative space in your work area can be detrimental to your value as well as the company’s.

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