The Association of Investment Advisers and Portfolio Managers has said it will collaborate with the Securities and Exchange Commission to deepen investor education as part of efforts to attract more investors to the nation’s capital market.

Mrs. Oluwatoyin Sanni, the President, IAPM said with intensified education more retail investors would return to the market and reap the numerous benefits.

According to her, IAPM will collaborate with SEC to ensure that investors understand the market, and know how to invest in it using the right channels and experts so as to avoid the bad experience of the past.

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Sanni said, “We are looking to collaborate with SEC in doing a lot of investor education, which is what is required, particularly at this time. SEC alone cannot do it because it does not have the manpower and financial resources to do this alone.

“So associations, groups and bodies and operators like us need to rally round SEC and do this. One of the things we hope to do is to support SEC with, not just operators training, but also with investor training and education.”

The organisation, IAPM, was formed in 1981 and it was formerly known as Association of Pension Funds and Investment Managers.

The aim of the association is to promote professionalism in the practice and administration of investment management advisory in Nigeria.