An elevator pitch is simply a form of impromptu sales speech to market ones service or product, if opportuned to meet an extremely busy VIP or a prospective client unexpectedly.

Imagine if you are about to enter an elevator and you see Aliko Dangote inside the elevator, would you stay just greet and not say anything or make the opportunity work in your favor?

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whoosh, you have to sell yourself!

Can you sell your service to a busy businessman like Dangote, convince him on why he needs your service and collect his contact card in 1minute?

This might just be the once in a life time kind of opportunity.

Your elevator pitch should cover your Name, your business name, how your business can help the person, why you have the perfect audience, product, service that he needs, what his competition is doing and he is not but you can offer, your service and products milestone.

Remember you have to make it short, clear and only promise what you can deliver.


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Watch video of the 2014 elevator pitch winner, University of Dayton Business Plan Competition below.

Be , create and rehearse your elevator pitch today.