Marketing budgets and strategies, especially digital ones, can be daunting for any hopeful business owner looking to turn their personal dreams into a successful business brand.

But here a few digital marketing tips to help you focus your strategy and use the world of Web 2.0 to your advantage.


With the Internet becoming the lifeline between businesses and customers, every business needs to be communicating to their customers in a way they understand. Producing valuable and quality content is the surest way to engage your customer and align your business with the fastest growing marketing strategies that exist online.


Having a great blog means nothing if you aren’t distributing your content to the necessary target market. Social media provides the platform for your content to be distributed and shared with the world at a minimal cost. The trick is that embracing social media does not mean shouting your message repeatedly across many different social platforms all day every day. Social media is more a marathon than a sprint and your strategies need to be thought out properly before your social media platforms start to work in your favour.

Use the tools provided

Embracing the online world comes with more benefits than most businesses realize and one of those benefits is the tools provided to analyze your digital reach. Be sure that you or your content team understands the analytics for each platform and that you follow your analytics and make decisions based on the numbers.


Once you have built up a database of clients, communication becomes key to your success. This does not mean sending mass, irrelevant emails to your clients every day but rather sending out information that is client specific and that talks to their needs and demands in a professional manner.

Know your customer

Before any of the above tips will work for your business you need to know your customer. Study your target market, what they need, what problems they are facing and how you can help them. Customer surveys have helped many business to understand customer needs and adapt their marketing strategy accordingly. There are many great free tool out there, e.g. SurveyMonkey.

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