He mentioned this while attending to guests from the Unilever Group, led by its President-in-charge of Africa, Mr. Bruno Witvoet, in his office.

Saraki also urged more patronage of local produce in order to encourage farmers and strengthen the agricultural sector which the government had included as one of the chief goal of its economy diversification plan.

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He said to his guests, said, “The message I would like you to leave with is that the policy of the present government is to support businesses like yours in looking towards diversification.”

“We have got to a point as a country that it is clear to us that we can’t continue to sustain a mono-product economy and we are clear about that.”

“What we are trying to do as much as possible is to see how we can diversify and increase the supply side for import substitution and the demand is huge. One of the concerns being raised is whether these policies are going to be consistent…and also to provide all the incentives that are required to ensure that you will be encouraged to make these kinds of investments.”

To assure the representatives of the group, he made mention that both the executive and the legislature are keen to provide the political will that will transform the country.