The days whereby you need to have a stereo with numerous wires connecting it to power just to listen to some good music no longer exists, all thanks to wireless speakers.

Wireless speakers are everywhere these days,they come in all shapes ,sizes, prices and  vary  in sound quality and features.

Bluetooth speakers work by pairing, so a device can stream to the speakers and play from there. The great thing about bluetooth speakers is that it works with nearly every mobile device and most computers, including iPods, iPads, and iPhones.

Bluetooth speakers run on rechargeable batteries, making them easier to carry around the house or set up outside, like the Ultimate Ears UE Boom and Beats by Dre Pill. Some can be paired with wireless speakers via a smartphone app for a real stereo experience. There are also some that are designed to be water resistant like the Grace Digital Audio Schooner 2, and have varying transmission range of up to 150ft.