‘Detangling’ is one of the biggest frustrations of using headphones. You kept it in your bag after the last use and now you have to use the next two hours to untangle it.

Well, there is now a potential solution to that. Designers at UK-based Studio Banana Things have developed a headband that sits on the rear of your head and uses bone conduction to play music directly into your head.

This may sound weird nut that is not where it ends, the Batband also has the ended benefit of not blocking your ears with earbuds, which means you can still be fully aware of what’s going on around you.

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Also, the Batband connects to your phone or music device via Bluetooth which means you can also use to receive calls. Amazing, right?

Studio Banana Things, as at the time of writing, has already raised more than $159, 620 of its $150, 000 target with 42 day to go.

The Batband will be available for pre-order for $149 from the Kickstarter campaign before the band will go on general sale next year for $250.

Bone conduction is the transfer of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.