Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola has commissioned a N1 billion recycling plant in the Igando area of the state.

During the ceremony, Fashola stated that the plants was built as a conservation strategy to confront the threats of climate change and will also provide jobs for residents.

The governor said:

“This is a material recovery facility and what will it be doing? The whole world is re-using, the whole world is conserving, so nothing really will ever go to waste in any significant proportion.”

“So that is what we are signing on to, we are joining the whole world by having this project. What we now have is a new problem. Our problem before was that we were the dirtiest city in the world, a reputation we have now consigned to history.”

“Now the new problem is how to move our refuse. The problem is how to get more refuse, because this facility needs more refuse to run. The sustainability of this factory now is how much refuse it can get, and as we have been told, it will service 130 trucks on a daily basis in the first phase before the expansion comes.”

Fashola also said that the second phase of the project would commence in December.