Apple back in September as part of the iPhone X demo launch introduced a really cool feature in the IOS 11 - named Animojis which are animated versions of some popular emojis found on the iPhone.

Animoji will use the Face ID hardware face-scanning features of the iPhone X to create custom 3D versions based on your own facial expressions.

So when you frown, your Animoji frowns. Shake your head, laugh, and close your eyes and the Animoji does same.

Even cooler, you can record short voice messages with Animoji, send that recording to a friend and see the animated character you recorded with mimic you in sound and expression, changing the entire experience of the world of instant messaging.

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Can You Use Any Emoji With Animoji?

No. sadly for now. There are only 12 emojis that can be used as Animoji which include:

Requirements for creating an Animoji

An iPhone X

iOS 11


Can Anyone Receive Animoji?

No. Animoji only work on devices running iOS 11 and higher. Any device capable of running iOS 11 or higher can display Animoji, not just the iPhone X. But to create the Animoji, you must use the iPhone X.

Does Animoji Replace Regular Emoji?

Not at all. All of the traditional emoji that we know and love are still available on the iPhone and all other devices running iOS 11 and iMessage. Animojis are just a bonus.

How Do You Make Animoji?

If you've got an iPhone X, making Animojis is quite easy. Just follow these steps:

When Can You Use Animoji?

Since Animoji requires the iPhone X, the feature won't be available until that phone is released. The Animoji iMessage app is pre-installed on that model.

The iPhone X debuts in the U.S. and a number of other countries worldwide, with an expected November 3, 2017 release date.