The increased gridlocks and traffic robberies in Lagos state is causing the governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, to worry.

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However, he is determined to fix these problems, revealing that the government is working hard to rid the state of holdups and traffic robbery.

“We have already hit the ground running. I'm deeply concerned about the issues that Lagosians are sending back to me and the issues range from security issues, traffic gridlock and the environment itself."

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According to CAJ News, the governor is promising noticeable improvements in the next few weeks, while pleading with Lagosians to be cautious during the 'ember' period.

"We have declared zero tolerance on potholes and we are deploying more men to ensure free flow of traffic. As we are now in  the ‘Ember’ months, I just want to appeal to Lagosians to be more vigilant, and cooperate with us in all the measures we will be carrying out."

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