Kola had just invited his sweetheart, Sade, over that evening.He wanted to prove to her that gentlemen still exist, after their debate over the topic of “chivalry”the previous evening.

Without a doubt, Kola played the perfect gentleman role. From cooking mouth-watering delicacies that Sade couldn’t resist, setting the dinner table for two, plus the perfect music to suit the occasion.

Sade had never felt more appreciated, but more than anything else, what tripped Sade more, was Kola’s house –and she didn’t hesitate to show her appreciation for the aesthetics of the decor.

After the dinner, like the gentleman he was, Kola drove Sade back to her home and bade her goodnight.

But who would have thought a perfectly ended evening could go sour in the twinkle of an eye? On his way back to his home as he was about to enter his driveway, he saw his house was crowded, and fire fighters trying to put out the fire that had engulfed his building.

That was when he remembered he had left water for coffee on his gas cooker so he could drink afterwards, but unfortunately, he totally forgot about it on his way out.

The firefighters could only put out the fire; they couldn’t repair the damage the fire had caused. All he owned in his house were razed.

To say he was devastated was an understatement, the home he had spent most of his life savings on had gone in flames. After all the fire was put out, the only thing he got from neighbours was sympathy, but sympathy couldn’t restore all that had been lost.

Anyway, such is life. Life is unpredictable and can happen anytime, anywhere without prior notice.

That’s why you shouldn’t take the “good life you live” for granted.

Yes, life is good but it’s not guaranteed to be forever. It’s important to protect yourself from possible disaster like, theft, accidents and even bankruptcy by choosing an insurance package that can salvage the situation–and instil confidence for the future.

If Kola had an insurance policyto protect his valuables, he could always make claims to repair or replace all he had lost.

It’s bad enough when you lose a valuable possession to fire hazard, but when you don’t have an insurance cover to help you slide back to your normal life, it’s even worse.

With that being said,this clearly informs the importanceof having a fire insurance coverage with the best possible options, based on your situation and needs.

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Don’t let this be your story!

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