Last year, the minister of Power, Works and Housing,(SAN), revealed the Federal Government's plan to adopt Jakande's housing models, construct 40 blocks of housing in each state, more.

He also announced that N10 billion might be set aside for housing in the 2016 budget.

“Only N1.8 billion was budgeted for housing in 2015. This has to change to at least  N10 billion per annum. There  are models this government can key into like the schemes.”

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While the President of the African Union of Architects, (AUA), Chief Tokunbo Omisore, is happy with that the government is ready to provide houses for Nigerians, he urged the government to consider all the factors.

“As much as government is having good intention of providing accommodation for her teeming citizenry, there must be an acceptable parameter that must be followed. For instance, there cannot be the same house type for places like Lagos, Rivers state, Abuja or Kano, where there is commercial opportunities, unlike other states.

So to me the demand in the above states and the caliber of the would-be beneficiaries are differ. Besides, there is the need to ensure that state governments that would key into the programme provide lands in a more suited location that would attract the beneficiaries.”

The President of the Building Collapse Prevention Guild (BCPG), Mr. Kunle Awobodu, also shared this view.

“Normally, we need to encourage them in this regard. Every government will come and make pronouncement on how they will meet housing deficit in the country without practical move for implementation. But we must give this government the necessary support by advising them where necessary.

However, they need to carry out feasibility studies to determine who their targets are, the appropriate locations in each states that would be attractive to the would-be homeowners. But the most critical aspects are funding on one hand and the selection of competent contractors that would ensure quality materials. This is where ones fear lies-political patronage may take preeminence over competent contractors. ”

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They were supported by the immediate past president of Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA), Waheed Brimmo.

According to Brimmo, this new policy can only succeed with a sense of purpose and determination by the stakeholders, as well as the provision of quality house types within the reach of most Nigerians.