The gates of opportunities and accomplishment has been thrown wide open for aspiring techies in Nigeria who want to make a difference with their creative ideas.

To make this a reality, the 440NG through its Accelerator Program will be investing in and supporting promising Nigerian tech startups.

Aside from offering funds, the company in partnership with multinationals,  investors as well as prominent business leaders, will also provide guidance through their network and expert mentors.

Interested participants are to apply 3 months before a program starts in order to be qualified for funding.

Successful applicants who make it through the interview stage will be notified 10 days before commencement of the program.

On Friday, November 7, 2014, an event was held in Lagos, where members of the 440 Accelerator Program pitched their ideas to representatives from Google, Ringier, etc.

A question and answer session followed immediately, after which members were opportune to mingle with entrepreneurs and other participants in attendance to talk more and exchange ideas.

To know more about the 440 Accelerator Program and how to apply, click HERE.

Below are some photos from the event: