Yesterday, the Nigeria Football Federation confirmed  the purchase of a Nissan Altima — 2.5 SL 2015 model — for Super Eagles coach, Sunday Oliseh, viaTwitter, adding that the car was delivered at the NFF Secretariat in Abuja.

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Immediately, i looked into the car to find out why the NFF chose this particular car.

I discovered that the car actually has lots of good qualities, here are five things to love about the Nissan Altima 2.5 SL 2015 model.

Good Performance- The Altima is the first Nissan to be equipped with Active Understeer Control meaning that you get a smooth, controlled, and comfortable ride. The system senses understeer and oversteer and subtly applies braking power to the inside wheels when you are turning, giving you sharper handling in all conditions. Making this car perfect for Nigeria's dangerous roads. This model has very good shock absorbers, so good they have been compared to the ones found on luxury cars from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche.

Comfortable Seats- One good thing about this model is it's good seats. Something that will be well appreciated by Sunday Oliseh when he has to spend a lot of time in traffic. Nissan refers to them as Zero-Gravity seats because they deal with the pressure points of your backside. This means that even after sitting for eight hours off and on in the cockpit, you’ll feel, if not refreshed, then at least not exhausted.

Stylish- A good looking car is always a plus and this car is definitely a sight for sore eyes.

Good fuel efficiency.

Smart Auto Headlights- According to Nissan, "the Altima’s headlights read and react to light conditions outside, automatically turning your lights on and off when needed. The lights also react automatically to your windshield wipers, turning on after four swipes."

Despite all these amazing qualities, there are a few concerns about this car.

This model is quite expensive.

Rated at N4.5m ($22,560) by Nissan, the 2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL is valued between N5m and N6.5m by Nigerian dealers.

Ultimately, Sunday Oliseh's car is good value for it's price, i rate it 7/10.