1. Download a battery saving app : Try apps like BatterySense or Battery Doctor Pro to help minimize battery usage

2. Adjust notifications : Don't enable notifications for dormant apps, only those that are extremely important.

3. Turn off your wi-fi : Unable your search for wifi feature you don't need all the time and it drains your battery while trying to find available wi-fi hotspots.

4.Fetch E-mails hourly : Activate the fetch email to an hour interval, any less runs your battery down by constantly refreshing your inbox and forcing new mails in immediately they are sent.

5.Disable auto-updates : Update applications at your convenience, it really sucks when your battery is on its last few minutes and apps start downloading.

6.Turn off location for apps like facebook and twitter, information about where you are all the time isn't really necessary.

7.Lock your phone : When your phone is not in use, lock it since the display doesn't need to be illuminated.

8.Reduce screen brightness : The brighter your screen the faster your battery drains.

9.Flight mode : If the signal strength at your location is weak, your battery drains faster trying to recover full strength so activate flight mode on your iPhone, it helps to save your battery.

10.Turn off bluetooth : Leaving your bluetooth on when its not in use saps life out of battery, turn it off immediately you’re done.