From absolutely nothing, Steve Babaeko has built one of the most thriving advertising companies in Nigeria. Babaeko’s road to success began when he left his home in Kaduna, northern Nigeria at 16. During his interview with My Africa he shares his dreams made him leave home.

He said: “The dreams I had at 16 were so lofty I’m still chasing them.

“Dream of being able to accomplish stuff, be successful, be able to impact on others and make other people more successful”.

His hunger for success led him to pursue an education and study Theatre Arts at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. From here his path led him to Lagos with just 500 Naira and nowhere to stay in the mega city. The challenges he faced with getting work in a city where he knew no one did not hinder him from his goal of getting into the advertising world.

Today, Babaeko is the CEO and Chief creativity officer of X3MIdeas, an ad agency, which has grown to be one of the forerunners in the industry. He's advancement hasn't stopped at advertising, he's ventured into the world of Entertainment by creating X3M Music which is home to the likes of Praiz and Simi.

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