A woman in Tanzania wanted to have sex with her and her husband has paid dearly for it for refusing to make love to her.

According to police in Tanzania, 48-year-old Evelyne Ndlovu axed her husband to death after he refused to have sex with her

Police say Evelyne and her husband, 56-year-old Rhodes Maphosa got into an argument in the afternoon of that fateful day after he refused her sexual advances.

Several hours after the hot argument, Evelyne Ndlovu attacked her husband who was sleeping on the couch in the sitting room about 2.am.

Rhodes Marphosa died on the scene from injuries sustained after Evelyne used an axe on him.

Neighbours first thought an intruder was responsible for the death ater they were told the same thing by the murderous wife.

It was however clear who the suspect was after Evelyne fled the scene when police arrived.

She was apprehended two weeks after the killing and charged to court for murder.