Daughter of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari has spoken about the certificate saga that has besieged the campaign of  her dad.

Oppositions have been alleging that Muhammadu Buhari do not possess a secondary school certificate and is thus not qualified to contest the February 14 presidential election.

Zahra Buhari has however come to the defense of her dad, stating that her dad wouldn't have been able to run some posts in the military if he was illiterate.

“About 53yrs ago he acquired this certificate. During his military years he held posts that couldn't possibly be run by an illiterate. Mind you, these were posts he managed very well. He ran for office 3 times, this is the forth time and now his certificate matters,” Zahri reveals on Twitter.

“The ruling party should accept the fact that they have failed Nigeria as a whole and we can't give them anymore chances. Misplaced priorities. Security should come first not #GMB s certificate. We don't want them anymore and we don't want them to persuade us to want them. We just simply do not WANT We know wat we want,” she adds.

Zahra Buari’s social media accounts were made public a fortnight ago; she came a trending topic on Twitter on the day her photos hit the internet. She has become  a Twitter favourite with her followers' count growing by  the day.