Ufuoma McDermott’s “Christmas Is Coming” build’s up to a power-packed ending that would not just get you reeling with laughter but also get you mildly tensed because of the suspense all packed up in the final scenes.

In the final scenes, the characters completely get overwhelmed with the power of the story and it shows in the emotions that are visibly running high in the characters and the swift transitions of the scenes that describe the final episode.

The last thirty minutes of this movie brings to the fore all the knotty issues that form the fulcrum of the story that starts as a suspense-filled build up to December 25th.

So important are these scenes that one could watch the movie backward without missing a thing.

The crown of the ending scenes is the final scene where Henri Ata’s family gathers for a Christmas party. It is not just the mere gathering that would get you glued to the screen, it is the colourfulness in all ramifications.

Henri Ata’s life is blessed with two crazy friends (Ene and Avia) who constantly pepper her life with beautiful troubles that set her up for this crossroads of a scene.

The crazy final scenes let us into the heart of many issues as Sola Shobowale, Chioma Chukwuka, Gregory Ojefua, Zack Orji, Michael Okon, Odenike Odetola, Deyemi Okanlawon, Mary Lazarus, Lizzy Otaigbe, and Ufuoma McDermott explore their acting prowess in favour of the spirit of the story.

Each character handles their acting and diction with all seriousness that would get you laughing and at the same time empathizing with them.

That the end of the story is set on a Christmas day is symptomatic of the idea of love and celebration that the director wants us to appreciate.

What else should we celebrate on Christmas day if not love?

But is love complete without having an accommodating heart and the verve for forgiveness?

Find out in this sensational romantic comedy.

Written by Omidire Idowu.

Omidire, Idowu Joshua is a movie aficionado, a habitué of cinemas who writes for publication firms, online magazines and private establishments. Reach him via noblelifeliver2gmail.com